Carbonating Beer with a Soda Stream: A Brewer's Guide

Monday, October 23, 2023
Can you use a Soda Stream to carbonate beer?

The short answer is yes.

The longer answer is yes but it's gonna get a wee bit messy if you force carbonate homebrew beer without following the guidance below.

carbonate with a soda stream

Can You Carbonate Beer with a Soda Stream?

Absolutely! However, diving headfirst without precautions might leave you with a beer-soaked kitchen. Let's explore the method to carbonate your beer without the mess.

Steps to Carbonate Flat Beer Safely: Soda Stream machines have been a beloved kitchen staple for years. Remembering the joy of making fizzy drinks during childhood might tempt you to fix your flat beer using this nifty device. Yet, beer carbonation is different from soda. 

Follow these steps to prevent a beer explosion:

  • Chill Your Beer: Before you start, ensure your flat beer is cold. This will aid in better carbonation.
  • Transfer to Soda Stream Bottle: Pour your flat beer into an authentic Soda Stream bottle. It doesn't have to be filled to the brim. Even a single bottle of beer will carbonate effectively.
  • Secure the Bottle: Attach the bottle correctly. An improper connection can cause unwanted reactions between the beer proteins and CO2, leading to over-foaming.
  • Gentle Carbonation: Give the machine a short, firm press and release immediately. Prolonged pressing increases the risk of spillage.
  • Let It Settle: Once carbonated, leave the beer in the machine for a few moments. Let any foam or fizz subside before removing.
  • Pour and Assess: Pour your rejuvenated beer into a chilled glass and evaluate. Was it too flat? Over-carbonated? Adjust in your next attempt.

Tips and Cautions:

  • Burping Your Beer: Excessive CO2 'burping' can cause beer to foam uncontrollably. If your CO2 canister is new, be even more cautious with the release button.
  • Clean Your Machine: Post carbonation, ensure you clean the Soda Stream valve with water. Beer residue can affect the machine's efficiency.
  • Full Drum Carbonation?: The above steps are for rescuing flat beer. If you're considering carbonating an entire fermenting drum, you might want to reconsider. While some sources suggest it's possible, it's arguably more cost-effective to prime your fermenter with sugar and bottle it.
  • Safety First: It's essential to note that Soda Stream's official guidelines explicitly mention the device is designed for making soda water only.

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