Carbonating Beer with a Soda Stream: A Brewer's Guide

Monday, October 23, 2023
Can you use a Soda Stream to carbonate beer?

The short answer is yes.

The longer answer is yes but it's gonna get a wee bit messy if you force carbonate homebrew beer without following the guidance below.

carbonate with a soda stream

Can You Carbonate Beer with a Soda Stream?

Absolutely! However, diving headfirst without precautions might leave you with a beer-soaked kitchen. Let's explore the method to carbonate your beer without the mess.

Steps to Carbonate Flat Beer Safely: Soda Stream machines have been a beloved kitchen staple for years. Remembering the joy of making fizzy drinks during childhood might tempt you to fix your flat beer using this nifty device. Yet, beer carbonation is different from soda. 

Follow these steps to prevent a beer explosion:
  • Chill Your Beer: Before you start, ensure your flat beer is cold. This will aid in better carbonation.
  • Transfer to Soda Stream Bottle: Pour your flat beer into an authentic Soda Stream bottle. It doesn't have to be filled to the brim. Even a single bottle of beer will carbonate effectively.
  • Secure the Bottle: Attach the bottle correctly. An improper connection can cause unwanted reactions between the beer proteins and CO2, leading to over-foaming.
  • Gentle Carbonation: Give the machine a short, firm press and release immediately. Prolonged pressing increases the risk of spillage.
  • Let It Settle: Once carbonated, leave the beer in the machine for a few moments. Let any foam or fizz subside before removing.
  • Pour and Assess: Pour your rejuvenated beer into a chilled glass and evaluate. Was it too flat? Over-carbonated? Adjust in your next attempt.
Carbonating Beer with a Soda Stream A Brewer's Guide

Tips and things to be cautious about when burping beer:

Burping Your Beer: A Gentle Approach

Imagine you're softly coaxing your beer into revealing its bubbly nature, much like whispering to plants encourages them to grow. When introducing CO2 to your beer, think of it as burping—a necessary step, but one that must be approached with gentleness. A new CO2 canister is like a spirited stallion; it's full of potential but requires a gentle hand on the reins. Tread lightly with the release button; let the CO2 mingle with your beer in a controlled dance, avoiding the chaos of an unbridled foam party.

Cleaning: The Ritual After the Celebration

After the carbonation festivity, comes the quiet ritual of cleaning. The valve of your SodaStream, now a witness to your brewing alchemy, deserves a thorough rinse under water. This simple act of care ensures that the beer residue, a remnant of your craft, doesn't linger to dull the machine's performance. Think of it as tending to your brewing tools with respect, ensuring they're ready and efficient for your next creation.

Full Drum Carbonation: A Path Less Advised

Venturing into the territory of carbonating an entire fermenting drum with a device designed for smaller scales is akin to using a canoe to cross the ocean. While tales might suggest it's possible, the practicality of such an endeavor leans towards the improbable. It's an invitation to consider the traditional, time-honored method of priming your fermenter with sugar before bottling. This approach is not only rooted in brewing tradition but also offers a nod to cost-effectiveness and the gentle art of patience.

Safety First: Heeding the Creator's Guidance

In the journey of brewing, it's crucial to remember that our tools and devices come with wisdom from their creators. The SodaStream, a conjurer of soda water, comes with a reminder that its essence is to transform water into sparkling joy, not necessarily to embark on the beer carbonation voyage. Respecting this guideline is akin to honoring the boundaries of nature; it's an acknowledgment of the tool's intended purpose, ensuring safety and harmony in your brewing experiments.

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