Use a blow off tube to prevent Krausen Katastrophe!

Sunday, November 5, 2023

During fermentation, yeast converts sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide. This process can become extremely vigorous, especially if the conditions (like temperature and sugar content) are optimal for yeast activity.

Krausen is the foamy head that forms on top of the beer during fermentation. An overly vigorous fermentation can produce an excessive amount of Krausen, leading to pressure build-up.

The airlock is designed to release pressure gradually. However, if the Krausen rises too much, it can clog and force the mixture out, resulting in the so-called "attack of the Krausen," which is messy and potentially wasteful.

blow off tube for krausen

Implementing the Blow Off Hose Solution

Equipment Essentials:
  • Fermenter: The vessel where the beer undergoes fermentation.
  • Blow Off Hose: A flexible, food-grade tube, obtainable from suppliers like Amazon.
  • Collection Bucket: A receptacle to collect the overflow, which should also contain a sanitizing solution to maintain cleanliness and prevent contamination.
Step-by-Step Setup:
  • Hose Attachment: Secure one end of the blow off hose to the fermenter. It's crucial that the fit is tight to prevent leaks.
  • Collection Preparation: Place the other end into a bucket filled with a sanitizing solution. The bucket should be large enough to handle the volume of overflow.
  • Initiate Fermentation: With the blow off hose in place, you can proceed with the fermentation, assured that any excess Krausen will be safely diverted.
Post-Krausen Switch: Once the vigorous part of the fermentation settles, you can replace the blow off hose with a standard airlock for the remainder of the process.

This method is not only about preventing mess but also about preserving the integrity of the fermentation process. It allows for a controlled environment where the yeast can do its work without the risk of creating an undue mess or losing valuable brew to a pressure mishap.
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