Using a dish washing machine to remove beer labels (it's as easy as it sounds)

Sunday, October 29, 2023
When it comes to the world of homebrewing, there are plenty of joys, from crafting your perfect beer recipe to the anticipation of tasting the final product. However, there's one aspect that often feels like a formidable adversary – removing labels from those glass beer bottles. It's as if the local craft brewery conspired to challenge us with the stickiest glue known to humankind. 

If you've ever wondered why they don't just use regular glue, you're not alone!

Craft breweries seem to have a secret pact to employ the most gnarly and sticky glue, perhaps in the spirit of making label removal a Herculean task. On some days, it feels like they've whispered to themselves, "Let's get the stickiest glue ever invented and add a second layer of the world's second-strongest glue, just to be sure." At least, that's how it can feel to anyone who's tried to remove those labels.

removing beer labels from bottle in dishwasher

But, fear not, fellow homebrewers, for there is a solution that will save you from the label-removing ordeal: your trusty dishwasher. That's right, this household appliance can be your best friend in the battle against stubborn beer labels.

Here's the trick: run those label-covered bottles through the hottest cycle in your dishwasher. 

The combination of heat and steam works wonders on that pesky glue, causing it to become unstuck. Once the dishwasher has worked its magic, you'll find the labels can be easily peeled off in one satisfying motion, almost as if they were never there.

Now, you might be thinking, "How well does this really work?" I can vouch that in my personal experience this works with many kinds of beers.

Before the dishwasher intervention, the labels were firmly attached. It's as if they had sworn an oath to never come off. But after a hot and steamy session in the dishwasher, these labels surrendered without a fight. They peeled off cleanly, leaving you with a pristine bottle, ready to be filled with your glorious homemade brew.

IF they don't peel off, they should be sufficiently wet and hot to be scrapped easily with an implement such as a spoon or knife. 

However, it's important to note that even with this magical dishwasher trick, you'll still need to sanitize your bottles before filling them with your precious beer. After all, cleanliness is next to beerliness.

Now, what if there's some stubborn glue residue left on the bottle? The best time to tackle this is right after the dishwasher has finished its cycle, and the glue is still warm. Run the bottle under hot water and give it a good scrub – this usually works wonders. But beware, if the glue has cooled down, it can be a challenging exercise.

So, there you have it, probably the easiest tip you'll come across when preparing your bottles for bottling. Thanks to the dishwasher, the days of struggling with sticky beer labels are over. Cheers to easier label removal and more time for enjoying your craft brews!
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